The Briefing

By Kyle Lamb


We know what it is like to be kept behind closed doors, where finding out what's going on is never easy work, and you don't really have time to read though 400 news reports and press releases. So we thought we would try to help out, keep you informed, by delivering the weekly gossip, news and events right to your inbox.

Every week in ‘The Briefing', we will research a juicy topic or issue, present the facts and issues with our opinions and advice. Typically we will invite an expert to comment with their views and opinions. If you have any topic ideas, please pass them along.

Each issue of ‘The Briefing' is short, informative and to the point, but don't expect some dry, hyped-up newsletter, an excuse publicity. ‘The Briefing' is friendly and down-to-earth. It not only informs, but educates and entertains.

To ensure that we are really in tune with the real gossip and news every week, we continuously monitor all our mailing lists and news groups, we keep up with lots of other sites and publications, we analyse many hundreds of press releases, and most importantly, we listen to you.

So, why not give ‘The Briefing' a try. Soon after you'll be up early every Monday morning, just waiting for it to arrive. What's more, it is free to all, NERDS> subscribers and non-subscribers alike.

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