The Briefing

28th February 2000
By Kyle Lamb


    1. Introduction
    2. Mobile Communications
    5b. Dates for your Diary
    6. Helpware Notice


1. Introduction

I'd like to welcome everyone back, after pushing requests and some careful consideration, The Briefing is rising from the grave, scheduled again for breakfast every Monday.

The Briefing was first published on 13th April 1999, the purpose to share knowledge, techniques, resources, news and opinions via a common informed(updated) and trusted source - that would be me ;-) The design and targeting, the style of the author, proved v-effect, within the six weeks the publication was running, tens of thousands people signed up, it became a recognised source and was often referred to, and thus recommended.

After the sixth issue, I was forced to put ‘The Briefing' on hold, due a family emergency, staff sickness, the world collapsing around me feet... The Briefing until today, had never seen the light again. Now full-prepared, with an experienced understanding of just what I'm letting myself into, The Briefing is back, and back to stay!

The first issue of series two will be posted on the 28th February 2000. I am looking for a contributing researcher to assist me with the production and design, if you're interested more information can be found here.

It is good to be back. I thank you for your continuing support, and I am always open to suggestions, feedback, news sources, and of course your personal input. - Kyle Lamb

2. Mobile Communication

Coming.. 28th February 2000

5b. Dates for your Diary

  • The Briefing - Mobile Communications
    28th February 2000

  • The Windows Show 2000
    28th - 30th March 2000
    National Hall, Olympia, London

Remember: If you have attended an event or exhibition that you think might be of value to other readers, your input is always welcomed - Kyle Lamb

6. Helpware Notice

Now, The Briefing is not free. It is 'Helpware.'

Each week you must help one other person who is less informed than you. Pick a newsgroup posting or an email each week and help that person get in touch with the world. Trust me, this will make you feel better, and together united, will help the web community work together.

Also, help me make The Briefing better. If you have a suggestion, idea, news item, event your running, which you think will help other readers - my e-mail is below.

Ever thought about keeping fish, or building a pond? Take my advice, like any pet they take more work than you ever thought, which is equally rewarded back, if only by inspired and impressed visitors. If your interested start out right, visit a Maidenhead Aquatics store, I did!

Looking for the lowest computer prices? Updated and maintained by Mads Hilberg (a dedicated student, rather than a cooperate).

I would like to thank Jim Wilson for inspiring me to write this weekly update. I've found his own newsletter particularly useful as a web developer. Thanks.

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Kyle Lamb

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Tony Fallow

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