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 Business Services - supported by nerds
    "We specialise in providing what few other providers can.."
    - Kyle Lamb, propietor Beyond Limitations

Website hosting, dedicated & colocated servers in our server farm.

Technical support and consultancy to the IT industry, we provide
support to your inhouse IT technictions and support teams.

 Website hosting, dedicated & colocated servers

  • 100% uptime!
    This isn't some unacheiveable promise. The key is redundancy and distribution.

  • redundant bandwidth - what a new idea!
    you should always be able to saturate your connection when downloading from us

  • Teir 1 backbone connections & mutliple POP at each of our global sites
    BT, NTL, LINX, Level3, UUNET, Sprint, AT&T

  • Gigabit Switched Cisco network
    We won't throttled your server with a lowsy network

  • unlimited rack space, dedicated power relays, local swtiching between servers
    Online UPS and generator, server cooling & automatic fire supression

  • load balancing, clustering, & online redundancy
    Windows 2000 clustering, network storage..

  • international forward caching
    For global websites, where latency and speed is important

  • Oracle, Ms SQL Server, database backends
    We can connect to your internal database system

  • secure storage, intranets & VPN
    We can provide for all your server needs, in a central secure location.
    With a dedicated link to your offices.

  • H323 relay servers, video conferancing
    latency? what latency?

Whilst most of these services are beyond the needs of the individual web designer, you can be confident that our international service and network, has the underlying experience and facilities to deal with live video broadcasting, and websites which count up tens of millions of hits.

We host our servers in dedicated server farms, with redundant power and cooling systems. The network is monitored 24x7 by onsite staff. We keep spare parts and servers onsite, and we advise our customer about any operational problems - we don't hide them, or hope you didn't notice.

We provide a range of standard hosting accounts, available to DIY web designers. You can customise the packages to your own individual needs as required throughout your stay. We're always willing to quote for specialist designs, and assist with your IT solutions.

Unlike most other "Website Hosting" services you'll find, we feature a unique service, no ‘hidden charges'! We are very familiar with the problem presented to you where hosting companies start charging for every little niggle, from bandwidth, to the number of email accounts you use. Our prices are clear, published and unambiguous.

We supply self-administration tools which you can use to administer your account, without our interaction. We make a point to provide a rapid and 24hour service to our hosting customers, we realise that problems with your website or e-mail communication, can be very irritating.

Please note, this is a new service, and we are a trade supplier, we provide accounts to experienced individuals and companies, we unfortunately don't have time to educate beginners - we will pass such people onto one of our resellers. At the same time, we therefore provide 'trade prices' and support for 'trade volume' and 'trade services'..

To support your website we utilize the v-latest technologies, we maintain a low customer to server ratio, we provide a 24hour support service, we offer a range payment options, and most importantly we offer account expand-ability - you'll never outgrow us!

Contact sales@nerds.co.uk

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