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Welcome, sure you can advertise on NERDS>. We have many opportunities for promotion of your company's products or services, on one of the busiest and most highly targeted sites on the net. What is more, we only sell advertising to those companies that we feel are ‘suitable' given the site nature and audience. To advertise with us you must be worthy of recommendation' by your consumers, and typical consumers within the sector.

Unfortunately, we don't have any banner advertising placements - mainly because our readers don't like them! Never mind slowing down every page, column, report and the servers for someone else's advertising.

However, NERDS> Labs are always eager to evaluate your products & services, if your looking for free publicity. NERDS> News offers a service to publish your press releases - full HTML. There are also many targeted newsletters with sponsorship/advertising opportunities. More about each of these opportunities can be found below.

To learn more about NERDS>, and the efforts of Beyond Limitations, please look around this site. More information can also be attained by contacting the ‘Editorial Team'.. If you are considering advertising on NERDS>, or perhaps you would like to offer NERDS> services on your web site - please don't hesitate to contact us.

NERDS> Buyer's Guide
The Buyer's Guide (formally ‘NERDS> Labs') opened in January 1999, and has proved v-popular with the locals, for discussing and evaluating products. We offer the opportunity for OEMs to publish their product specifications, to submit products for review, and to represent the company by means of a ‘spokes person' - who can monitor the discussions about their products. NERDS> II through the new ‘Commercial Channel' will extend the ability of organisation to represent themselves. If the above interests you, please contact the Labs & Reviews Team - Tony Fallow

We provide 24hour IT news coverage for our membership, a major source of news comes from companies press releases, and further direct contact relating to those reports. If you have some news which would be of interest to our community, please contact the news desk.- Jason Wesley

NERDS> The Briefing
'The Briefing' is a free weekly newsletter ‘open to all', written and composed by Kyle Lamb (The Editor). Each week a different issue or topic is researched, reviewed, evaluated, opinion-ised and discussed. The current news is explained and highlighted, events within the last week are reviewed, and coming events of interest are detailed. Each copy of ‘The Briefing' is sponsored by a ‘personally recommended' product, service or company - it is the only advert contained within each issue!!! Sponsorship of a copy of ‘The Briefing' costs £0.01.. For more details contact the author - Kyle Lamb

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