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 Help needed! - help the community
We need people in the community to get involved and help out all the time. Roles including moderation of posts, to attending and reviewing IT events.


 The Briefing - by Kyle Lamb
  • Contributing Researcher Required

    At NERDS>, reporting the news is about keeping our loyal readership informed and updated about technology in the UK, while openly discussing, and viewing opinions... To explain and describe the implications and choices relating to developments and applications of technology - the news. Our aim is to provide an open forum for discussing news, rather than publicity. Your task, the task of a ‘Contributing Researcher' would involve:

    • investigating and reporting weekly news articles
    • helping to research topics and issues - through interviewing, site visits, online research, etc..
    • helping to check and ensure accuracy of newsletter - short timescales!!
    • visiting/attending events, summarise and evaluate them
    • replying to email, and monitoring the online forum & mailing list

    For this role you must show extensive and valued experience of working within the IT sector, and a fluid understanding of related business techniques and commercial pressures on the Industry. Your skill and style in writing to evaluate, compare and summarise technology should be distinct, clear and informative, while most importantly friendly and enjoyable to read. You must also be highly organised and able to research and report on tight weekly deadlines.

    I realise that there is a ‘vast' amount of work involved, if only due to the weekly deadline, this is precisely why I need a contributor. The Briefing is unique from most other newsletters, ‘people actually make time to read it', and it is only sent to people who ask for it! Yet, it holds a vast audience that other publishers aspire to. ..and people can rely that everything published is our honest view, not restricted or influenced by outside pressures.

    The position is part-time from home, and will involve close working with myself, probably most suited to a freelance journalist, student, retired person - somebody who has control over all their time throughout the week. Your locality is not important, other than your access to a telephone, and obviously the Internet. To apply for the position please email me with your aspirations, references of experience, and samples of written work. - Kyle Lamb

  • Sponsors Required
    To sponsor a copy of ‘The Briefing' costs £0.01 A ‘sponsor' is a recommended company, organisation, product or service who pays for x copies of the newsletter, in return they are ‘recommended' by the author within their sponsored copies. It is the only advertisement within each e-mailed copy (web version has no adds). If you are interested in sponsoring, please contact
    Kyle Lamb.
  •  NERDS> Millennium Edition
  • Writers & Journalists Required

    We are looking for prospective writers & journalists to produce a new range of newsletters, e-zines and associated content. As an added incentive, payment is directly based upon the number of subscribers of your newsletter or e-zine. We provide all tools, the bandwidth, the style guide, the recognized status, the advertising and promotion, the audience.... and what is more, we teach you how to do it - to create fact-ful newsletter/e-zine and site with many thousands of subscribers, to be recognised within your industry!

    These newsletters, and the larger scale e-zines will each be set-up as separate entities. Consider the analogy of a ‘pop group', as the agent we take you and your idea, your concept, and show you, guide you through the steps to make it into a reality, a success. Nobody is promising a short-cut, or an easy route to success, but rather our experience and resources as an accomplished and proven publisher.

    If you have an existing newsletter, a developing concept or even a successful production, please approach us, we might be able to accommodate you too, either as consultants, or as the agent and owning publishing house.

    If you're interested in writing, or starting a newsletter/e-zine, please don't hesitate to contact us. - NERDStart> 2000 Team

  • Moderators & Operators
    Do you have permanent connection? Do you have lots of spare time? Have you used IRC? We are looking for well guided and moral individuals to monitor/control/police our community and network. These positions give you free full-membership to nerds, privileges on our network - along with responsibilities. If you think you are a suitable candidate, please send your CV to: jobs@nerds.co.uk

  • Partners
    Does your site, your business have something to offer our membership? Do we offer a service that would be particularly useful to you? Why not help each other? Further information about partnership opportunities is available here.

  • Campaigns
    Do you know of a campaign which supports the interests, the ideals of the NERDS> Community? We are looking to support, encourage, sponsor and endorse such campaigns. Please pass details to: NERDStart> 2000 Team

  • Website developers
    Web site developer, owner or contributor? You could help us most by helping others, if you find this site and community useful why not recommend it to your friends, colleagues and visitors? Linking to NERDS>

  • Software houses (OEMs)
    Software houses and manufacturers? We are interested in reviewing products which were written and or designed for Windows 2000, Linux & Java-based platforms... We are also particularly interested as ever, about products, services designed for use over the Internet. The newsdesk would like to hear about IT topics, discussion and news relating to the UK.

  • nerd?
    Do you think you are a nerd? We are looking for the technical wizards, geniuses, gurus of the world, to help with a new certification and training programmes. Work is highly paid! Please contact us if you feel you meet this criteria: NERDStart> 2000 Team

  • H232
    Do you have experience with developing applications for the H232 protocol? We could do with your help, please contact Tony Fallow
  •  Ignore the big causes, help!!

  • Helping Us..
    The above is a bit vague, but if you think that you could help in any other way please do not hesitate to contact us, for example we are always interested in IT related news product or industry based. BTW: Unlike the past, this page will be updated regularly.
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