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This is a new area of the site, and this is it so far.. this page alone, a collection of ideas for possible dev. If you'd like to help out, sign up as a member.

  • Do you know really know what its like to be nerd?
  • Do you have what it takes to certify yourself nerd, and join our exclusive group!
  • Explore the traits of this exclusive group of technical geniuses.
  • Geeks and berms need not apply.
  •  Defining a nerd

  • What is a nerd? Well, we consider a nerd to be an individual whose knowledge of a particular field is almost unmatched, the idle of professionals, a genius by their own right.

  • a nerd? - who we are.. our strengths and weaknesses.. how we differ from the norm

  • a berm? - who they are.. their strengths and weaknesses.. why we hate them

  • a geek? - what is a geek? what traits and experiences do they have

  • semi-nerd? - possible? are semi-nerds better than true nerds? berm trates..

  • Female nerd? -
  •  Improving yourself..
  • Be friend to your enemies - there is much you can learn from them
  • Socialising, and human interaction -
  • Fashion, clothes and general taste -
  • Social events, parties, lunch, etc. -
  • Tact, Sarcasm, wit, humour, chat... -
  • Special: Guide to normality -
  • Being Cool.. -
  •  A nerd, or a wantabe?
  • Official 'NERD' Test - how much nerd is really inside?
  • NERDS> Certification - Prove your 'technical prowess'!

    skills questionairre

    mouse mats
    tea shirts
    computer, monitor, computer stickers

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