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The Internet. Allows large numbers of computer terminals to interact directly with each other. Throught this network of interconnected systems, the NERDS> community of radical computer enthusiasts meet in a central location. A hive of activity, for sharing knowledge, ideas and experiences.

NERDS> was once, a single elitest group. In a time when all Internet users were geeks, and the world wide web was about linked and referanced documents. Today the Internet is a global network, in an age when global isn't a big word anymore. We hock up our homes and our lives to this universal electronic system.

Commerce, communication, and communities are being build within this electronic virtual space. Campaign groups use it to organise demonstrations, hobbyiests use it to organise bulk discounts with suppliers, and terrorists use it to learn about western culture.

Today these electronic networks are the fastest growing and most distributed technologies on the planet. Digital TV & Radio, broadband Internet, unmetered evening & weekend calls, 3G mobile network, WI-FI network & UPnP, smart cards, MP3s & DVDs, Internet banking, interactive football, digital cameras..


What happened to all the really important concepts though? Like voice & video mail? the paperless office? teleworking? They all had to wait, untill now that is. Today the universal access to bandwidth & connectivity, processing power, and technology has finally met the chalange.. barring a few missing components, like:

- telephone to VoIP Internet gateway (can't call my computer from my mobile yet)
- adoption of unmetered broadband (with static addressing)
- adoption of .NET Passport, DNS v2 (or some technology for addressing individuals on the move)
- adoption and integration of PGP (or some technology for email security)
- adoption of WiFi & UPnP, bluetooth, 3G (or technologies..)
- adoption of internet shoppping, and barcode scanners at home
- invention/adoption of a universal document format (so much for RTF, or Acrobat)
- universal system for internet invoicing, delivery confirmation, etc.

As a member of the NERDS> II community, you can receive your video mail from any internet terminal, you can receive video conferance calls where ever you're signed in.. However, we still need all the above to go any further.

Kyle Lamb
NERDS> Editor

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