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NERDS> is a web-based community of IT professionals. NERDS> is based around eighteen different specialist channels (NERDS> II has hundreds of channels), every month we publish editorial content relating to each channel (NERDS> II, any contributors can publish content). Each channel is also supported by news-groups, mailing lists, a newsletter, targeted IT 24hour news briefings, and a responsible member of the editorial team (NERDS> II, responsible moderator/creator that defined the channel, and the NERDS> Council).

NERDS> works and functions just like a small town, everyone including subscribers have their own function and responsibilities, the state (editorial team) monitor the service, act on behalf of the community in relation to the community and other companies, the community works together daily with the primary goal being, to help each other.

NERDS> is not a web site, not a reference library or a computer magazine, but a place of work. NERDS> provides all the tools you need as a IT professional, to function, communicate, navigate the web, keep in touch with news and events, solve problems, learn new skills, get a job, ask for guidance, get certified, choose & order a new computer or equipment, etc, etc, etc. - NERDS> is the IT professional's portal to the rest of the world.

NERDS> is owned and financed by Beyond Limitations. Beyond Limitations started NERDS> to help themselves evolve in commitment to their aim: "It is our aim to be dedicated to the expansion of knowledge, and awareness of computing in the community, to meet regularly in discussion sessions in the exchange of ideas, to improve the understanding of the logical environments, and uses for which IT can be used in education and industry."

This site and our growing online community has arrived in commitment to the above aim, as a way of allowing everyone to communicate together, sharing knowledge to grow and expand, this we aim. We (the editorial team) do invite you to join in and make your comments and recommendations, in fact we ask of it so that we will evolve to each others needs, improving at each stage.

For more information about NERDS> please look around this site, or give us a ring!

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