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Project: ANT
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 NERDS> Portal - www.nerds.co.uk Subscribe?  
You're currently using the latest incarnation of the NERDS> Portal launched in May 2002. This original purpose for this portal was to host the login & registration pages, and to a lessor extent allow external world wide web surfers to find out about us and our vision..

Today this portal serves as an open public community, far different from the exclusive and almost secretive community on our vpn. The ideal place to post news and organise events.

 I'M A NERD - www.nerds.co.uk/imanerd/ Subscribe?  
Do you know really know what its like to be nerd? Do you have what it takes to certify yourself nerd, and join our exclusive group! Explore the traits of this exclusive group of technical geniuses. Geeks and berms need not apply.
  • a nerd? - who we are.. our strengths and weaknesses.. how we differ from the norm
  • a berm? - who they are.. their strengths and weaknesses.. why we hate them
  • a geek? - what is a geek? what traits and experiences do they have
  • semi-nerd? - possible? are semi-nerds better than true nerds? berm trates..
  • Female nerd? -
 NERDS> Community - VPN Only Subscribe?  

NERDS> is a web-based community of IT professionals, split into eighteen different channels of specialism. Each channel includes central forums, news groups, mailing lists, irc channels, file stores, and a weekly newsletter. The community organises technical workshops, 24hour industry news briefings, technical support services, virus alerts, membership polls.

NERDS> works and functions just like a small town. Each and everyone has their own function and responsibilities within the community. The state, jointly managed by the editorial team and the democratically elected NERDS> Council, monitor the service and the people.

In November 1998 the NERDS> Council imposed a subscriber limit, due to rapidly exploding membership numbers, and inadequate technology and community resources. On that day started a secret project to build a new community, with a new platform and technology. This project was called NERDS> II, in February 2000 the project development was made public.

We maintain a waiting list for prospective members to fill empty places, up to the subscriber limit, as they arise, on a first come, first serve basis. (There is no technical test, or technical literacy requirement for membership)

 NERDS> II - VPN Only Subscribe?  

When we launched the NERDS> II network in September last year, we demonstrated how video technology should be implemented on the Internet, via the use of a single point of access.

We're continuing our trials with volunteers from the existing community, however, we don't have the bandwidth or server capacity to support much beyond two thousand active users.

If you have experience with real time or distributed systems, we are cycling about 100 users each month, so you can see the demo in action. We value any ideas for further development or improvement.

Find out more about NERDS> II

 Project: ANT - www.nerds.co.uk/ant/ Subscribe?  
CodeName: ANT
Description: A Peer to Peer Groupware Client & Personal Information Manager
Project Stage: Specification & Modelling

Abstract: I define a secure and robust network of peer to peer nodes. Each node can represent one or many users. The nodes are clustered together dynamically in the creation of virtually simulated intranets. The network of nodes facilitate groupware messaging and sharing facilities, with built in unified personal information management, without the aid of an application service provider. Each node provides a single point of access, accessible to each user from any inter-connected network, i.e. the Internet.

The setup or operation of a node should require no understanding or system training on behalf of users, with reference to the peer to peer network topology - not even for advanced users. This lack of user customisation will better enable the network to maintain/ensure reliability, and security, with the ability to set the network’s own limits and constraints on the users. Each user need only interact with their tasks, with their colleagues and peers...

Note: ANT is solely owned by Kyle Lamb, or esteemed editor & chieftain ;)

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