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 NT Hosting Accounts: - supported by nerds

There are three types of account to choose from, targeted towards different types of customers and therefore websites..:

A 'Junior Account' is typically the option for a small developer, it allows you to publish web based materials with your own domain, or under sub-domain. Many services are included, and there are many expandable options - including the Webmaster Account..

A 'Webmaster Account' is our option for serious web developers, large businesses, e-commerce involved sites, smart sites, etc - it has a large range of inclusive services, and many expandable options. Owning a WebMaster Account gives you the ability to have multiple domains, and enables you to resell our services. The webmaster account comes in two forms, webhosting managed by us, or a dedicated server.

The 'Student Account' is only available to students, teachers and educational establishments. This account is really a Junior Account which has been customised specifically in light of its use, with a kind and generous discount.

Contact: sales@nerds.co.uk

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