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"When we launched the NERDS> II network in September last year, we demonstrated how video technology should be implemented on the Internet, via the use of a single point of access." - Kyle Lamb, NERDS> Editor

The NERDS> II communication & sharing tools, supported the community based around them, are changing the way we approach and use the Internet. NERDS> was founded as a means for interactive discussion. Today NERDS> II is a live society.

This trial period over the last six months has proved a success, particularly with the broadband users. We're going to continue this trial, as we implement a change in network topology and scale up our systems.

    The current trial uses central servers to relay and join video and audio streams between users. Like all other text-based messaging. Unfortunately, this isn't a scalable model. We are currently building a 'peer to peer' client, based around the NERDS> II technology and facilities.

If you have experience with real time or distributed systems, we are cycling about 100 users each month, so you can see the demo in action. We value any ideas for further development or improvement.

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 NERDS> II Features
We've taken a vast number of recommendations into consideration, along with our own research and studies.. We're adding much additional functionality to many of the community devises like IRC, Bulletin Boards, and editorial content. New features will be including:
  • free, or full membership options (more..)
  • A Commercial Channel (more..)
  • A Channel for students.. (more..)
  • Video & Audio Conferencing, News & Facilities (more..)
  • Private channels & communication (more..)
  • Commercially owned & sponsored channels (more..)
  • NERDS> Certification Scheme (more..)
  • Job Centre (more..)
  • Vote on issues (responsibility) (more..)

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